Fancy a Pint? PrettyGreen and Bombardier Beer Brought The Jam’s Rick Buckler to Pubs Across the UK

Throughout August, Bombardier’s ‘A Pint with a Unique Character’ events brought The Jam’s Rick Buckler on a UK tour to pubs around the land to celebrate the spirit of those who march to the beat of their own drum.


We kicked of proceedings with a packed house in A Town Called Malice (aka Banbury, Oxfordshire) as Rick shared stories about his glittering past, revealing details about his time with one of Britain’s most successful bands while recounting tales of some of the interesting characters he has met along the way.


After Banbury, the team visited Rochester, Greenwich, Chester and Nottingham, as Rick told anecdotes about life on the road, groupies and his drum kits of choice. In Greenwich, over a pint of Bombardier, he recounted the least rock and roll post-show ritual that the band would partake in – cheese and pickle sandwiches!


Sadly, for fans of The Jam, the band will not be making a reunion any time soon according to Rick. Speaking to the Daily Star he revealed he’s stopped sending Christmas cards to his former bandmate Paul Weller: “He seems absolutely dead set against there ever being any kind of reform. I don’t know why he’s taken that view but that’s up to him, and of course it takes three to tango in this case!”



Pint with Rick - Pelton Arms 23rdAug (46)