Fame. Set. Match

On Sunday, Lucy and Nick headed to Miami to help Sony Ericsson launch the Xperia Hot Shots, a web-based reality show following 6 WTA players as they tour the world giving unprecedented access to the lives of professional female tennis players. Now we’ve seen documentaries before such as Living with the Lions, (documenting the British & Irish cuffing the Boks in their own backyard in 1997) and Do I Not Like That? (Turnip-head stops England from invading America for the second time, before being giving the ol’ heave-ho) but fans have never been granted access to athletes beyond the ‘normal’ guarded parameters. That was until last Sunday…

However, the launch got us in the PrettyGreen office thinking, what have we missed in the world of sport from being denied all-access behind-the-scenes cameras? Well, where should we begin…

– Tiger Wood’s masterful strokes down his female fan’s fairways

– Mike Tindall’s messy (failed) attempt at decimating Boony’s record of 48+ tinnys on the way back from Oz, after winning the World Cup – and the ensuing clear-up operation

– Gazza’s incoherent order in a local Kebab shop before eating a pound of spinning elephant-leg with extra kackalash on the eve of the 1998 World Cup squad selection

– National treasure Freddie relieving himself on Tony Blair’s petunias whilst visiting 10 Downing Street, before being presented in a vase for the glamorous Cherie

– Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edward’s yelling “shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit” at the 1988 Winter Olympics

– Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy dating, before the world knew they were in fact lovers *

* PrettyGreen lawyers have advised us to say this may not have happened (but without cameras, can we ever be sure?!)