FAKE NEWS? As April Fools’ Day approaches, we round up the good, the stupid and the crazy of brand hoaxes.

FAKE NEWS is meant to be a modern phenomenon. In a time where it’s already difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not, what’s legitimate and what’s manipulation, it’s almost refreshing to know that come the 1st April we know that we genuinely can’t trust anything or anyone.


April Fools’ Day is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century, way before the emergence of Donald Trump calling ‘fake’ on anything that doesn’t suit his agenda, online social media platforms looking to target potential propaganda based on your individual profile or brands doing ‘banter’ to get likes and retweets.


And yes, although, April Fools’ Day has offered a great window of opportunity for some brands to do exactly that, not all of their planned fake news has gone to plan. Ahead of this year’s April Fools’, here’s a look back on last year’s FAKE NEWS.



The Good


Pornhub share feature


In 2017 Pornhub rolled out a genius prank on its users by presenting a new sharing video feature which we imagine caused ripples of panic across the nation and beyond!




Thanks for sharing! No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary feature does it for you! Automatically!’


This was the message that appeared once a user clicked on a video, yikes! Following on from the message there were two options. You could either hit the ‘Thanks Pornhub’ or ‘WTF reverse this now’ buttons. Both buttons took the user to a page that read ‘Happy April Fools’… and breathe!!




A cruel, evil, sick joke?! We think not! Pornhub succeeded in giving their users 30 seconds of possibly one of their worst nightmares, but thankfully their darkest and dirtiest secrets had not been shared with Mum and Dad on Facebook.


Amazon meets Petlexa


For pet lovers, Amazon’s launch of their home assistant gadget, Amazon Echo for pets may have been a dream come true. In a YouTube video, the device named Petlexa tracks your hamster’s steps, enables your cat to order sushi and activates the pet friendly toys around your home.


Perhaps, with the tech gadget being so close to possible and a device that customers would desire, this April Fools’ news is somewhat believable and humorous!




The Stupid


T-Mobile Onesie


We’re still unsure if wearing technology will ever be a good look, but T-Mobile thought so last year when they launched their new T-Mobile Onesie. Introducing the Onesie alongside their new T-Mobile One data plan was clever, even if an obvious choice and not entirely funny.


Unfortunately, for T-Mobile what makes this April Fools’ joke go from bad to worse is Xbox already won the race with the same concept a few months before with the Xbox One/ Onesie gag. We hope to see T-Mobile up their game this year!




Krispy Cream

Krispy Crème? We’re sure most people know how to pronounce Krispy Kreme and the K in Kreme is purposely placed for brand purposes. However, last year Krispy Kreme announced they would be changing their name to ‘Krispy Cream’ in an attempt to stop doughnut lovers pronouncing the name wrong!


Krispy Kreme completely rebranded one of their South London stores which featured new boxes, hats, cups and even the store sign! However, what makes Krispy Kreme’s fake news story secure its place in the stupid category is that this prank was rolled out a few days before April 1st, not to mention the try hard, serious video on Twitter!




The Crazy


Google Mic Drop


It’s no surprise that Google jump on the bandwagon every April Fools’ and have been since the year 2000. However, their latest gag caused more tears than laughter, forcing Google to withdraw the prank altogether.


Google introduced a minion ‘Mic Drop’ GIF in to Gmail, which automatically attached the clip to emails once the ‘send’ button was clicked. Although, the cute yellow GIF seemed so innocent and a fairly funny idea it evidently caused major consequences.


In an official apology statement, they expressed,


“Again, sorry. We love April Fools’ jokes at Google, and we regret that this joke missed the mark and disappointed you.”


Perhaps Google apologising for their own joke was funnier than the intended one. You know what they say, it’s all fun and games until someone sends a minion GIF.


No Cutlery policy


Pizza Express gained over 200k views on their Facebook page when their latest April Fools’ news went live. Pizza Express introduced a new ‘No Cutlery’ policy meaning your favourite meals would have to be consumed with your hands. The large chain restaurant advised their customers to ‘stick with pizza’ and we would imagine the idea put customers off a visit anytime soon. The idea was a little crazy, far-fetched and evidently a prank.




And there we have it, some good, some stupid and a crazy bit of FAKE NEWS. One thing’s for certain, our eyes will be peeled this April Fools’ Day to see what big brands will be giving us the best FAKE NEWS next.