Facebook Memories – embrace it and free up your mind

A couple of weeks ago Facebook announced its’ new ‘Memories’ page, which builds on the ‘On This Day’ feature. Through this page you can reminisce on past posts, friends made, celebrate friendversaries and major life events. This isn’t anything that new or exciting for Facebook, it’s simply making more of this content. These celebratory recaps are important for Facebook though as they hope to encourage users to share more personal original content, which has reportedly been in decline for a while now.



There has been a lot of debate over the years about social media and whether we’re not remembering or treasuring our experiences anymore due to how we capture everything on social. In a recent research paper by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology they found media use during an experience impairs memory for that experience, and many news outlets pounced on this as another evil side-effect of social media. However, this study also found that using media does not reliably reduce engagement or enjoyment of that experience in the first place.


At PrettyGreen we focus on creating life defining moments for brands and making them as shareable / Instagram worthy as possible. So we felt it was important to consider if social media’s bad rep when it comes to your memories is fair. We must consider how we store our memories and if having some kind of external memory ‘server’ is really to our detriment. Before social media people would write diaries, keep photo albums and design scrapbooks as a way to store memories. What we do now with social media is not so different, but diaries have never been tarnished with the same brush as social.


Our brains can only store so much information; do we really need to give precious space to that day on holiday when we went to that amazing ice-cream parlour, the specifics of the third date with our partner, or that cute dog we once saw in a park? Wouldn’t it be better to save that space for the big occasions that you will always remember- the first date, a big birthday, a family wedding? And we can still delight in the smaller memories when we are reminded of them on a handy social media app.



Some of our favourite socially-powered apps for taking a trip down memory lane include –

  • Time Hop – an oldie but a goodie
  • Facebook Memories – we’ve said enough
  • Google Photos – Automatically create slideshow movies based on your trips or around special occasions.


So we’re thankful to Facebook and others for saving and celebrating our memories for us. Even though we may not be as enamoured with the platform anymore, when we’re old and grey we can gather the family around a screen and share our embarrassing pictures and status updates with friends and family (even if our brain may have long forgotten it). There may even be Facebook Memory Events, like Diary Days and Cringe, where we can all unite and laugh about when food was all unicorn themed and glitter partings were a thing. So snap, share and bank those memories online – you’ll brain may thank you one day.