Face up to face to face communication

In this very busy little world of ours we have a tendency to forget that asking someone a question instead of firing it off in an email can often get that certain someone a much better response.  And we in the world of ‘word of mouth’ communications should really appreciate that retro way of thinking.   So we thought it might be nice to spend a day talking to each other a bit more (Mandy, not too much talking though), because we know it makes you feel good.

Lisa took it one step further… the other day she fought her way onto a typically jam packed morning tube to find herself suddenly in a dialogue – and a happy one at that – with two other commuters.  Never we hear you say!  She did.  This exchange made her smile and made her happy.  But the story doesn’t end here… on her way home she again bumped into the person she had morning tube talk with AND they continued their earlier carriage chit chat with a, “hi, how was your day?”  Amazing!

We could probably read a lot more than we should into Lisa’s tube chatting but for the purposes of this blog, and because this old-fashioned form of conversing with strangers made Lisa very happy, we simply want to say, face up to face to face communication… if only for one day!  It will make you happy.  We promise.