Eyes Bigger Than 'Jelly'

As we all know Absinthe is renowned for helping create legends, in our case it’s created a PrettyGreen tale, which is probably the best story we’ve now got.

Set the scene.

Agency work experience intern, sat on reception bored. Feeling a bit peckish goes to the fridge. See’s a big bowl of Jelly and decides to help herself.

Account Manager walks round to reception and sees said intern tucking into a massive bowl of jelly, which she’s virtually finished. Account Manager does double take, asks whether that was the jelly from the fridge. Intern nods sheepishly.


Account Manager then has to explain to the Intern that they’ve devoured a huge bowl of Absinthe Jelly and spends the rest of the day spannered and has to leave early.

You can’t make up stories like this, which is why we love Agency life.