Essex Creativity The Vajazzled Gingerbread

What do you get when you cross an Essex Girl and a Gingerbread (wo)man?

Screen shot 2010-11-02 at 17.32.55
For those not aware this is the latest beauty trend to sweep the World (well Essex), described as intricate jewels for your delicate places!? Crystal tattoo’s for your bikini by SWAROVSKI™, who are probably doing a roaring trade thanks to the very intimate footage from the lovely ladies in The Only Way is Essex!!

However they are not the trend setters! Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt started the craze by stating “who wouldn’t want to vajazzle their vajayjay ” in her book about dating?!  Well Jennifer, we wouldn’t – not classy, whats the LA equivalent of an Essex Girl? A Valley Girl – Trailer Park Trash!

What ever next…….Scratch and sniff???