Embrace the Softer Side

Modern life is a little bit mental – everyone’s moving at 1000 miles per hour and no-one stops to smells the roses anymore (although we have just made ourselves Gin & Tonics at 12 O’clock, courtesy of Fever Tree). It’s become such a big problem (the speed of modern life, that Cadbury has introduced its brand new Eclairs Velvets – a scrumptious, luxuriously soft take on the classic Eclairs formula – to encourage people to treat themselves in those small and precious moments of me-time.

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We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks speaking to press, and have already had the likes of Reveal and Company tell us how much they love these little bite-sized delights. One by one, we’ll soon have every magazine in the country raving about their new favourite candy!

With a seriously addictive combination of gooey chocolate and soft caramel, Eclairs Velvets are perfect whether you want something sweet to share with friends or you just want to treat yourself. That makes us feel slightly better, as more than once we’ve opened a new packet and “accidentally” scoffed the entire thing…we’re keeping them under lock and key from now on!