Electric Style?

Picture 1So the big debate this week in the office has been, why do electric cars just look like they’ve been designed by a group of 6 year olds, who’ve just been playing with tupperware dishes, and told to design something for their Scottish nan who lives on a remote island.Picture 2

Believe it or not, being green doesn’t mean you’re unstylish, neither does it mean you’re a woman. But until car designers get this fact, we’ll just all continue to look either like Mr Bean characters or like we’ve just left a WI meeting (and please no emails or comments about how cool WI is, it’s not).

Anyway something that has got style is Street Football (ok tenuous link, but still a link).

So the other weekend we went to Church and not for confession time. This time we had a valid, guilt-free, reason for gracing St. Michael’s Church in Camden… the UK Final of Red Bull Street Style 2009.

For most people, juggling a football is similar to Peter Kay in the John Smith’s advert. A bunch of drunk mates up the park, keeping a muddy, flat old ball off the ground for a few seconds before one of your mates twats it over the fence and you all sack it off and head for a pint. Lucky for us, this event was quite a few notches above that…

After a series of national heats throughout the autumn, the country’s best 16 had kicked, flicked and balanced their way to the final to go head-to-head in front of a panel of all-star judges to try and win the title of Red Bull Street Style UK Champion 2009. The rules were as easy as 3-2-1: three minutes, two players, one ball. Each players gets 20 seconds to perform a series of increasingly more impressive tricks before passing back to his rival who will try and do the same…

This all sounds simple, but with Edgar Davids joining Soccer AM’s Rocket and the 2008 Red Bull Street Style World Champion, Sean, on the judging panel, the players were now under more pressure than they have ever experienced. Check out the video for some electrifying and some performances that are beyond words…

Meanwhile back here in the office, Street Style fever has caught on; Folu and Mike have been desperately trying to perfect their ’round the worlds’, ‘toe bounces’ and ‘chest stalls.’ However, in true Peter Kay style, this soon resorted to twatting the ball across the office, breaking anything that stood in the way, including the electric kettle.

Come the weekend, it will be back to confession “forgive me Father, I broke the electric kettle and refused to admit my sins to Strings”