Egg-splosive PR

(Warning: contains strong egg puns)… Creme Egg is back with a splat.

Here at PrettyGreen, we have been busy celebrating the return of everyone’s favourite oval treat.

Our events champion Leanne and the next best thing to the A-Team, worked tirelessly throughout the night as Creme Egg took over Covent Garden and brought the #GooGames to the piazza.

The Goo Games see Cadbury Creme Eggs go egg-to-egg in a number of sticky sports and today they took on the High Dive.


In an EGG-treme attempt, Creme Egg achieved the ultimate goal of releasing its Goo*.

Needless to say we’re all EGG-hausted! But we think the results were EGG-strodinary.

Creme Egg 1

Creme Egg 2

Creme Egg 3