PrettyGreen takes on the Easter Egg Taste Test

We’re a loving family here at PrettyGreen, and like to think we can all come together and find common ground on most things… until we had to pick our favourite Easter egg from this season.


We hatched a plan and challenged our panel of PrettyGreen egg-sperts to rate and compare Heston’s Waitrose Egg, the classic Cadbury’s Creme Egg, Ferrero Rocher’s, Terry’s and a Nestle’s Kit Kat egg. Each master chocolate taster had to take into account five crucial factors: taste, look, packaging, extra bits and value for money. One by one they tasted each egg and wrote down their scores, which led to some surprising findings and lots of paper covered in chocolate fingers prints.


Let’s hop to the findings!


First up its Heston’s ‘Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg’





There’s no denying this egg is a looker! Take in that double coated exterior from milk to dark chocolate, and look how THICK that shell is. Once you crack this bad boy open you find realistic looking duck eggs, filled with oozing caramel, that you dip into the ‘soil’ (how very Heston) which is made up of a mixture of cacao nibs, dried passion fruit and white chocolate shards. This egg is bloody delicious and the perfect egg for the foodies out there but there’s a catch… it is £20!! As one PrettyGreener put it “only the Queen has that kind of money to spend on an Easter egg”. Unsurprisingly, this egg averaged out on a 1/5 for value for money – ouch. However, it averaged a 5/5 for its egg-cellent packaging and a solid 4/5 for taste.


Next, we have an Easter staple, it’s the Creme Egg.




This egg, along with the Kit-Kat and Terry’s Chocolate Orange can be bought in a 3 for £10 deal in Tesco’s, which is a total steal. Think… for one Heston’s egg you could get 6 of these (who said PRs couldn’t do maths?).


Maybe it’s because this egg is one we see time and time again, or maybe it’s because it’s lacking originality, but the Creme Egg got 2/5 for both taste and look making this egg an average joe, but it does what is says on the box.


The Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg was the most divisive one of the taste test.





The hazelnut fans in the room loved it and commented on the nice touch of scattering shards of the nut throughout the actual Easter egg coating. However, others felt that the egg was missing the best bit of a Ferrero Rocher – the Nutella tasting soft centre. This was also a critique of the Creme Egg as everyone mentioned they wished the whole thing was filled with the yolk. At £10 this egg isn’t cheap, however most PrettyGreeners felt it was good value for money considering the price of usual Ferrero Rochers, and the fancy pants packaging.



Next up, it’s Nestle’s Kit Kat Easter Egg – and boy were we shell shocked with how badly this went down. This egg received comments like ‘snooze’, ‘boring’ and ‘didn’t even bother tasting’. Wow, that’s bad. Safe to say this egg was no way near in a chance of winning this intense competition.








Don’t tap it, WHACK IT! Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg was smashed by the team pretty quickly! An office favourite. However, many did point out that after a while it became too sickly.



The egg itself was made of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, as were the bars that came with it, and therefore many PrettyGreener’s were running for water to quench their thirst after this one… we’re pretty dramatic. Scoring a 5/5 on value for money, 1/5 for looks and 3/5 for taste, so the results were pretty varied here.


Overall, despite it’s ludicrous price point, the Heston egg ended up being the office favourite scoring the highest in total. Looks like we’re a refined bunch after all.


That’s all yolks!