Earning Our Armour

Strength, endurance, willpower, sweat. It must be an Under Armour event.

Ok, we agree, that’s not quite as catchy as the messaging that the world’s top performance Brand usually communicate, but it sums up Friday’s intense training session to a tee. A compression tee, that is.

As we approach the start of the Spring/Summer ’15 season, we know we have to come out of the darkness and get back into our regular training session routines, so what better way to show off Under Armour’s most effective compression range ever, than through one of their most vigorous workouts to date?

Earn Your Armour

Blasting open the doors of former pumping station, The Wapping Project, we transformed the epic venue into a gruelling (but impressive) sweat box for a host of media, personal trainers and brave PrettyGreeners, who were willing to show their will. With a circuit consisting of shuttle runs, tyre flips, pull ups, burpees, box jumps and sprint drills in store for our brave souls, it’s fair to say that their mettle was well and truly tested.

The challenge posed by Under Armour was simple, and in line with their upcoming consumer campaign: Earn Your Armour.

Armour Earned - Under Armour

Under the instructive eye of Reach Fitness’ lead trainer Richard Tidmarsh, every single fibre – muscular and material – was put to work. Anyone can wear a state-of-the-art training work-out top, but only the bravest souls can say that they’ve truly earned it the Under Armour way.

Now it’s your turn. #EarnYourArmour from February 23rd.