Not A Dry Seat In The House

We’ve had a lot of fun avoiding Dry January as we’ve been working with a host of online influencers (from YouTube, Vine, Twitter and Snapchat), creating original content to support Drunk History on Comedy Central UK.

**That translates as we’ve been getting drunk with our friends FYI… Please our efforts with Vlogger Roman Kemp, see below:

After weeks of planning, the launch night of Drunk History was finally upon us. Crew, cast, press and Vloggers all descended on Comedy Central HQ in eager anticipation to see the first two episodes and they came thick and fast! There wasn’t a spare seat in the house (or an empty glass) and of course, there was the obligatory Gif booth. Proof of the PG team and fellow gif lovers below (click the link to see the gif in all it’s glory):


Drunk History hits the screens every Monday at 10pm on Comedy Central UK and we’re definitely hitting the bottle and joining the fun.

We’ve also decided that Grabbers is filming his own Drunk History at our next Company Drinks on 29th January.

Grabber’s take on… the Battle of Hastings… We think… from Pretty Green on Vimeo.