John Barnes launches “Drink Free Days” campaign with Drinkaware and Public Health England

PrettyGreen is working with Former England and Liverpool footballer John Barnes today to help raise awareness of a new campaign launched by Public Health England and our client Drinkaware  ho are working together for the first time to help people cut down on the amount of alcohol they are regularly drinking.


The Drink Free Days campaign is encouraging middle-aged drinkers to use the tactic of taking more days off from drinking as a way of reducing their health risks from alcohol, following a YouGov poll that found one in five of UK adults are drinking above the Chief Medical Officer’s low risk drinking guidelines and more than two thirds of these say they would find cutting down on their drinking harder to do than one or more other lifestyle changes – improving their diet, exercising more, or reducing their smoking, if they were smokers.



John Barnes said: “This is an important campaign highlighting how many of us don’t realise that we are drinking in ways that could be harming our health and how we are struggling to moderate.


“A beer here and a glass of wine there might not seem like much but the units can add up and so too can the health risks.


“Having a few more days a week that are drink-free is a great way of taking control of our drinking  and making healthier choices for the future which is why I am supporting this fantastic campaign. provides all the information, resources and apps to help support people have more Drink Free Days, including the One You Drink Free Days app and Drinkaware’s Drink Compare Calculator.