Don’t Forget Your Talent

Picture 6The blogosphere is in meltdown about Xfactor and resist as we might we can’t deny that Monday mornings are now fuelled with the most impassioned debates about contestants; the ‘travesty’ of Miss Frank and the highly inappropriate level of hatred for the newly dubbed ‘Jedward’ – we particularly love the news story from offering any twins named John and Edward free return tickets to Ireland – cruel genius. We’ve decided to offer free singing lessons to any twins named John & Edward. Another ‘commentator’ proffered that they look like toothbrushes and could have a lucrative career in toiletries one their errr singing career evaporates into oblivion.

In our very own anti-Xfactor way we are getting excited about the roll call for Red Bull Music Academy 2010… we will soon be able to announce the 60 truly talented musicians who will be heading to London next year for the 11th Academy…. And it is a list worth checking out – and we won’t even charge you the cost of a local rate phone call.

Talking of not charging and Trident has started the countdown to the momentous gig at the O2 on 15th November when 13,000 fans will turn out to see Beyonce perform, thanks to Trident. There’s a slight clambering for tickets in the office as Beyonce fans creep out of the woodwork. With just a few weeks to go it is worth keeping your eyes open for a few last minute competitions in the media to get your hands on those final pairs of coveted tickets!