Doing her bit for charity, Account Manager Rhea tells of how she donated 13” of hair to Little Princess Trust

I think anyone with long hair will be familiar with the comments that come with it “don’t ever cut your hair, “I’d pay to have hair as long as yours”. Hear them enough and, subconsciously, they start to stick.


Long hair was my thing, and that was it. I’d go as far as to say that it was a part of me and my identity – not just physically but emotionally too. People often say that long hair is like a security blanket, something you can hide behind or that gives you confidence, which is something I can totally relate to.


But what I hadn’t thought though, was what if my ‘loss’ could be someone else gain? What if my security blanket could become someone else’s?


I saw on Facebook not long ago, an old friend of mine had cut her hair and donated it to charity – not something I had ever thought to do, but seeing this sparked something.


I did a bit of research, and among a couple of others I found the Little Princess Trust charity – an amazing charity which provides real hair wigs to little girls and boys across the UK who have tragically lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.


A couple of weeks later and off came 13”


hair 3 IMG_2886


It’s the most heart breaking thing to see someone you love go through cancer and all of its side effects and not be able to do anything to help. But knowing that something as simple as cutting my hair could potentially make a child who is going through such a horrific ordeal feel a little more normal and give them a little more confidence… to me it was a no brainer.


You need at least 8” of hair to donate – It sounds a lot but in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing.


For more information about the Little Princess Trust charity, visit the website: