Dodge, Dive, Dip, Duck and Dodge – PG tackle Movember’s Dodgeball Tournament


The task is simple; throw some specially designed balls as hard as you can at your opponent and don’t get hit yourself. As simple as it sounds this was the mission that awaited a group of brave PG souls as they descended on last night’s Mo-mentous dodgeball tournament, organised by the fantastic team over at Movember.

With the likes of London Irish, Wasps, and BT Sport entering their own teams, it was more than an intimidating assignment, but with their war-paint applied (and possibly a few beers) PG took it on face first.

Complete with a camouflage get-up that Rambo would be proud of, Kylie, Emily, Jade, Ella, Ben, James and Jack D made up PG’s Balls of Duty Squad (it is for testicular cancer, after all) and although opening with a disappointing string of two losses, the team pulled together in the third to go on a bit of a last-minute win streak.

Ben K was seen diving to the deck with an impressive dodge from a point-blank effort and James is still showing the war wounds of an aggressive slide for possession. The team worked as one and they slowly, but surely, picked off the opposing team one by one. The first win was in the bag and things continued in the same light as PG took their fourth game with an even more dedicated and tactical approach.

On a high from successive wins, the tournaments half time was called and PG deservedly tucked into some well-deserved beers (not for the first time, we must add), perfect hydration for a dodgeball athlete at the top of their game to go with our takeaway pizza and crisps. Half-time entertainment was provided by a roaming brass band but it was apparent that minds were still focused on the task at hand.

The second-half was called and Balls of Duty were first on against tournament favorites, KPMG. Unfortunately heads seemed to be stuck in half-time (beers had nothing to do with this) and the impressive outfit picked PG apart. Results then fled and PG ended the night with a progression of defeats.

Although performances could have improved for us debutants, the tournament provided an excellent activity for a Wednesday night and all for a good cause, Balls of Duty are already planning a 2015 comeback (this could be happening in a pub near you!).


Before we go, we must tip our hats off to the PG team who, through thick and thin, being likened to 1940s fighter pilots, American Hustle extras, and having had to go into hiding from girlfriend’s mothers for fear of scaring the to-be in-laws, are now two-thirds through their Movember mission. To find out more, and donate to the great cause, head over to