Do you look like Paolo?


Have you ever bumped into your friend in the street and started chatting to them only to realise you were actually talking to a complete stranger? Maybe, maybe not. But this is a frequent occurrence for friends of Paolo Riozzi – a man with an appearance so familiar that they find themselves regularly chatting to Paolo-alikes in the street, on the tube and out on the town.

How best to celebrate this confusion? How does one champion a friend of generic appearance? With a Facebook group of course! People That Look Like Paolo currently has over 500 likes and is a community where people can share photos of their friends who – you guessed it – look like Paolo Riozzi.

With his designer stubble and generic haircut Paolo is a man who is easily confused, as Paolo’s friend Shaneil Patel explains: “‘Our friend Paolo is a great guy. Loyal, humble and generally just a laugh to be around… However, there is the small issue that he has an unhealthy amount of doppelgängers, who all look incredibly similar to him. As a close knit crew of mates it became common occurrence for us to mistake people for Paolo on a weekly basis,’

So far comparisons have come in from around the world but none have been more impressive than the surprise party of 80 ‘Paolos’ put on by his masked mates at Secret Garden Party Festival.


The story has been picked up by LadBible, Mail Online and Metro Online which means the search for Paolo clones will be sure to grow even more.