Do We Trust Women To Run The World More Than Men?

Gender Pay is one of the hottest media topics of the past few months, with the UK still experiencing a 9% variance between men and women. Shame on you HR people and Boards who allow this to happen.  


But then we got thinking about how there appears to be more woman being voted into positions of power, against a backdrop of an impending global implosion; Brexit, child refugees, Trump as the next US President, Unsolvable Syria, ISIS, Nuclear North Korea, Putins Cold War.


We now have 30 Heads of State, Presidents, Premiers, as women, including May, Merkel and hopefully Clinton. And our lovely Clients at John Lewis and GSK have recently appointed Paula Nikolds and Emma Walmsley respectively into top positions. 


So we wondered whether there was a hypothesis in the fact that we trust women more than we trust men when it comes to a crises? Do we worry that the likes of Putin and Trump would be quicker to push the big red nuclear button than say May and Clinton and therefore we’re turning to women to run the world?  


Or is this just positive discrimination as its worst, and actually we should look at CEO’s, Presidents, Prime Minsters and Rulers not as men or women, but just as people, and people who we most want in positions power. 


But in the words of Beyonce, “Who run the world? Girls”