Do Lectures 2014

Strings has just come back from being inspired at Do Lectures in Wales, and if you haven’t heard about Do, a few words from David & Clare Hieatt may help….

“….to bring the DO-ers of the world together – the movers and shakers, the disrupters and the change-makers – and ask them to tell their stories. Under star lit skies, in a bind with nature, they would inspire others to go out into the world and DO, too. The intent was that pure, the motivation honest”.

It certainly worked for Strings as he’s come back with 12 inspirational thoughts that he wanted to share with PrettyGreen to help us all.

#1 Perception isn’t Reality
As marketers we constantly say it is, but fundamentally it so isn’t. We need to stop ourselves falling into that trap so we can truly experience the richness of life.

#2 It’s About the Conversation Between the Conversation That Matters
We spend most of our time in a passive state, listening and talking, but the real magic happens when we’re truly present, debate, discuss and open up.

#3 Let Passion Drive You
Better to be truly terrible at something you love, than brilliant and something you hate. Passion’s the driver that helps you truly achieve the impossible.

#4 You Can’t Jump a Chasm in Two Leaps
Sometimes when you’re faced with adversity you just need throw everything you have at it.

#5 Only You Can Change (Y)our World
Your time is now, your world is your world, and you need to focus on making it the best world it could be. No-one else can or is going to do that for you.

#6 Creativity Needs Freedom (but Also Needs Deadlines)
Words are beautiful, more words are not more beautiful. Crafting beautiful creative needs space and time, too much time can destroy the beauty & often a deadline forces the creative to become a crafted work of art.

#7 Time Isn’t Your Enemy
So much can be achieved in such little time, but it’s about focus and drive.

#8 Perspective Comes From Looking Back
We need to have visions and drive ourselves forward, but often we need to look backwards to see what we’ve achieved and how beautiful our lives are.

#9 Do Little To Do Lots
Every journey starts with a step, so focus on the things we can achieve everyday to propel our lives forward.

#10 Do Things That Scare you
It’s easy find excuses as to why we shouldn’t do things (when deep down we know we should), but by pushing ourselves through it, it’s enriching.

#11 Choose the Unexpected
Don’t fall into the trap of just doing the same things and reverting to type. Whether that’s always doing yoga, running, reading the same magazine, ordering the same food, writing in the same style etc etc. Try doing the thing you’d least think you should do.

#12 We All Feel The Same
We’re surrounded by people who have the same fears, same insecurities and same issues, yet we never stop to talk about them, share our stories and experience and ask for help. Our world would be a much better place if we could find ways to be much more open.