Do Good Things Come in Threes?

On Wednesday, 3 intrepid PrettyGreeners took part in the third installation of Run Club. It was joyless, painful and cold.

However, upon getting back to the office, this got us thinking, has there ever been a great threequel…?

– Tony Blair’s 3rd term (this turned the Cheshire Cat into a War Criminal of enormous proportions – it also turned his hair grey and best-bud Gordon Brown removed him as a friend on facebook)
– Scaramanga’s third nipple (we can accept a baddie with hideous facial scar, mysterious eye-patch and an odd temperament, but never, ever, ever under any circumstances give him a third teat)
– Godfather Part 3 (the first two were celluloid classics – the third film showed everything that was bad about the late 1970s / early 1980s from bad hair to over-sized suits – the mafia got uncool)
– Busted (The year 3000? You didn’t even make it to 2006… listening to that song makes us all very sad)

The list could go on, but suffice to say the best things do not come in threes. Not even buses.

Bring on Run Club number 4 – and can someone bring the Vaseline to stop any chaffing on that third mammary…