Diversity and Inclusion

PrettyGreen is an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to this policy across employment practices, including; vacancy advertising, recruitment, training and promotion, terms and conditions of employment and reasons for termination.

The principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity also apply to the way in which staff treat visitors, clients, customers, suppliers and former members of the company.

We actively support and work with a variety of fantastic organisations who are working to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace such as; The Brixton Finishing SchoolAD-CademyThe Taylor Bennett Foundation & People Like Us through funding, mentoring & training.  

We are committed to training our staff on diversity in the workplace and have our own dedicated Diversity & Inclusivity Committee active within our organisation to ensure we adhere to our commitment of equality.  

We are proud to support (and adopt) the recently launched, Halo Code, which aims to end hair inequality in the workplace by fighting for the protection and celebration of black hair styles. We encourage all of our partners to sign up to this code.

We will be sharing more of the work we are doing to make our agency and the industry as a whole a more inclusive place in 2021.