In Deep Water with Dionne Bromfield

Things have been going swimmingly on the EA Maxis team recently. We decided to truly bring The Sims 3 latest Expansion Pack Island Paradise to life with an underwater photo shoot.

Coco and Hannah both auditioned but the photographer deemed the armbands too difficult to photoshop out and so we went ahead and asked Dionne Bromfield (you know the amazing presenter, 17 years old, voice like a mermaid). And she was amazing, not many 17 year olds would be brave enough to be submerged into a 40 ft tank, but luckily Dionne Bromfield was no fish out of water…(oh dear). The youngster was transformed into a modern day mermaid and dived deep for treasure as part of the shoot.

Check out the pics below, The Sun Online and MailOnline loved the images just as much as we did. Now then – anyone fancy a dip?

_DSC5574_With_Branding copy 2

_DSC5949 copy

_DSC5854 copy