Day 6 of non-smoking club

So far there’s only one member, but he used to smoke enough for all of us, and if he can do it, it might become this year’s Run Club. Our very own Mr Digital Ravi, gave up smoking on New Year’s Eve after 17 years and 10 a day. It’s a pretty big ask but we’re all behind him and hoping he will make it.

Good news is he’s keeping the local coffee shops (thanks Farm) and fast food places in business as he downs a good 6 cappuccinos a day with a sausage bap and pizza for lunch. But don’t worry the various bowls of raw spinach, peppers, carrots and cucumbers also on his desk are going down a treat with the rest of the Digital team. Who says stopping smoking gives you the munchies?

Ravi’s resolution in full flow…
Ravi's Resolution

So we checked a few of the other resolutions in the office, some sweet, some tricky, some just plain weird, but needless to say we’re behind them all…

• Hang out with my mum more!
• No more milk
• Try not to say something unless it is positive – “I might be a bit quiet in January”
• Get tattoos – suggestions welcome
• Trying to swear less (after being told off by her dad – guess who?)
• To be a better friend – *cringe*
• To drink more PrettyGreen tea
• Not get the Northern line in the morning on my way to work…puts me in a bad mood!
• To stop calling people babes, love and darling
• Learn another language

Bets are on.