Dave’s new show Ross Noble: Off Road finds the dare devil in us all

Ever thought you’d fancy some shark diving? What about motocross? Or does facing the Central line at rush hour seem like a hair-raising enough activity for you? We worked with Dave, to promote their new show Ross Noble: Off Road, to find out just how we Brits feel about adrenaline pumping activities. Are we a nation of dare devils or much happier sitting on the sofa dunking biscuits into our tea?


Research found that we Brits cling on to our daredevil attitudes of youth until the age 34, when the idea of risking it all loses its appeal. Additionally, it was discovered that the public list cliff diving, motocross and base jumping as some of the most terrifying sports.


When describing the emotions we feel when participating in a risky sport or activity, one in five of us admitted to experiencing fear, however two thirds agrees the rush of adrenaline was the overriding feeling of the experience. If all this talk of extreme sports seems a bit too much for you, we recommend you live vicariously through Ross as he takes on challenges in Ross Noble: Off Road.


The 3-part-series, which airs from Wednesday 7th December on Dave, sees bike lover Ross Noble take on the epic Scottish Six Days Trial, a legendary challenge where the best motorbike riders in the world come together to race a hundred miles each day in a true test of stamina.


It’s a race that’s defeated countless seasoned professionals who’ve been riding all their life, and certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted – or foolhardy comedians. Training during every second of spare time and helped along the way by his coach James Burroughs, the series follows Noble’s journey to conquer one of the toughest sporting challenges known to man.


So far, the story has been covered by The Metro, Sun, Independent, Mirror online, UniLad and Yahoo to name a few.