Dancing and Drunk! A perfect combination don't you think?

New PrettyGreener, Sarah, was very excited she was able to marry up PrettyGreen’s love of Absinthe with her own great love of Dance! No, she didn’t get drunk and dance on the office ping-pong table. Please, let me explain . . .

She came in very excited one Friday morning eager to share her ‘Drunk’ experience at the Bridewell Theatre from the previous evening. Before other PrettyGreeners got the wrong impression it was explained that ‘Drunk’ was an exhilarating Dance show that explores the horror of the ‘single gal’ being stood up by her date in a bar (many understanding heads nodding furiously at this point). The other dancers were characterised by various drinks and then took their audience through what Sarah explained was a very happy hour indeed! The show was full of many a splendid moments – a bubbly, champagne jazz babe; a vodka- drinking Russian diva; a delightful chorus of wine buffs singing about bouquets and an absolutely hilarious quartet of Pimms aristos air kissing and shouting ‘yar!’ and ‘totes darling’ at the top of their voices whilst the men propelled imaginery row boats using the women’s stockinged, long legs as oars. And of course, lets not forget the slinky, Absinthe siren! (no, it definitely wasn’t Strings)

The whole show was exciting, complex and thoroughly fun and in La Maison Fontaine’s own words – a testament to the ‘art of the imagination’.

We hope they return soon!

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