D is For D-Rail

Whilst we held the Green yesterday our very own Strings went off to another beautiful green space, Keble College Oxford for the Britdoc Festival, and sat on a panel with some very inspiring and intellectual people.

They had to turn their papers over and discuss in no more than 500 words “The D Word”, and how best to market documentaries. Interestingly the most heated debate being around whether or not Borat could be classed as a documentary.

Danny from Optimum, BJ Cunningham and Strings, after congratulating themselves on a fine session, hijacked Canadian Film Director Yung Chang’s cab to the station. They all followed the crowd jumped on a train on a very busy platform, and only to realise as it pulled out that it was heading to Bournemouth not London. Which was only made worse by the fact that Yung, hadn’t slept for 30 hours (after flying in from New Zealand), and needed to be at another screening of his film in London for 7.30pm. So, “is Basingstoke close to London”, was a difficult question for the trio to answer.

Apparently they all eventually arrived back in London, after spending a few hours mapping out some new documentary film scripts about supermen, orange juice, Spanish maids, Amsterdam, and a dark Panamanian bondage film with John and Anne Darwin called “without a paddle”.