Crêpe expectations!

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, is a day of celebration before a long period of abstinence. In Brazil this day is known as ‘Fat Tuesday’. Ah Crêpe!

So PrettyGreen of course embraced indulging in all of the delicious sugary toppings that pancakes have to offer. It was Fat Tuesday after all. The office didn’t hesitate to add all their favourite toppings such as whipped cream, strawberries, maple syrup to make a pantastic Pancake day.

pancake station

PrettyGreen’s very own Dolmio man even took time out from making tomato sauces to teach us how to achieve the perfect pancake. Our version may not have been made with Heston’s expert precision and skill but the ceiling avoided any misfires so we would call that a flipping good effort!

Dolmio man

In keeping with the tradition of lent the team have all decided to give something up. Digital Ben T provided the most amusing entry stating that he would be ‘giving up emails’. Somehow an image of Lord Sugar pointing his finger at the door springs to mind.

Good luck to everyone embarking on their period of abstinence. Only 40 days to go… see you on the flip side!