Creativity Comes From Diversity

There’s a theory that we can’t help but recruit people who are the mirror image of ourselves. In some respects that’s inevitable. Of course we want to surround ourselves with people similar to ourselves – to many it makes life easier, more enjoyable, comforting and safer. But we’d argue that maybe life becomes less colourful, less adventurous, boring, and the world becomes a much more insular place. That ‘global village’ suddenly just turned into a very small village that doesn’t venture outside its very safe walls.

So why the ramblings? Because there is lots of talk in the industry about diversity and that all Agencies need to take a more proactive approach to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. Accordingly, Dan yesterday had a bit of fun mocking up a team shot as the mirror image of Strings. Let’s be honest, it is funny, but also incredibly weird (and some would say quite disturbing)… but it got us thinking about our diversity policy.

As an Agency we’ve taken a different approach to diversity. For us it’s not about looking at it through the lens of moral obligation to help people less fortunate than ourselves, or to ensure we can have different flags on everyone’s desks like the United Nations so we can tick the diversity box and puff our chests out.

For us, our belief is that our role for our Clients is to deliver work that creates brand fame, and we’ve got an eclectic mix of Clients, who have incredibly diverse consumers, who are more often than not looking for fresh creative thinking. So we’ve taken an approach that says we need to surround ourselves with an eclectic, diverse range of people who can deliver against that brief.

So yes, we do have people from different social and ethnic backgrounds, but everyone has passed our rigorous interview process (including Psychometric testing and Strings’ unsettling obtuse final interview). And hopefully we’ve got some of the smartest and curious people we can find, who believe creativity is at the heart of what we do, who stand up for what they believe in, and who go above and beyond. But what they aren’t are seat fillers, who are offered jobs to tick a box.

Do we have enough to deliver against our own diversity brief? Not yet, and we’re working on it.