Creating our own Life Defining Moments

Here at PrettyGreen we are lucky enough to do some very cool things in our job – from standing on the side of a stage at a festival dancing away to our favourite band, to playing touch rugby at Twickenham or staying overnight in a castle in Devon celebrating a flagship birthday for the agency.


But not all ‘life defining moments’ have to be at work, so every year we are given 100 buckeroos to do anything on our bucket list – or as we like to call it, the ‘living list’. The cogs in everyone’s brains start turning around January 3rd to start planning what we can do that’ll blow everyone out of the water. 


We’re not going to lie, we have had some pretty “out there” ideas. An unnamed member of the events team will always be remembered for trying (and failing) to change his name by deed poll. Other more sensible members of the company think of a more realistic living list goal and some of 2016’s highlights are below: 


·      Riding a camel through the Sahara desert – Rosie


·      Learning to play the drums (sorry neighbours) – Lucy P




·      Apprendre a parler francais – Sian


·      Take a sunset yoga course in Bali – Jade


·      Eating a giant pretzel at a German football match – Joni




So the moral of the story is – if you have a dream, go grab it with both hands. But not if it’s changing your name by deed poll, that’s just silly Jack Swallow.