Creating A Racebets Experience at Fontwell Park Racecourse

This month, RaceBets and PrettyGreen delved into the world of horses to deliver an on–course experience at Fontwell Park Racecourse in West Sussex. RaceBets, the world-leading horse racing bookmaker, sponsored the race meet and wanted to encourage sign-ups on the day and give some of the most competitive odds, bonuses and special on-day promotions for new recruits.


So, using the Bavarian theme of Oktoberfest (capitalising on its popularity across the country) we hit the race course and invited guests to don their best Lederhosen and dirndls and get them psyched up for a big day at the races, with the best odds and a few steins of beer and a schnitzel in tow.


Roaming around the Paddock area, our RaceBets cockney ‘tipster’ actors enticed our guests in for a quick de-brief, giving out secret tips and sharing information on the odds Racebets offered that day.  Suited and booted like any traditional tipster they were hard to miss and it’s safe to say the entertainment was rife. Games including ‘Best Turned Out’ and ‘RaceBets Jock Mastermind’ saw lucky guests win some irresistible prizes.


For a real taster (and see if you have the skills of our racecourse whizzes) let’s see if you can answer some of our jockey mastermind questions… (If you beat 3 in 90 seconds, you would have won our RaceBets engraved trophy and bottle of champers!..)


Challenge accepted? Start the timer..

  1. What is the name of a type of German Sausage being served up here today?
  2. What does Lederhosen mean?
  3. What is the name of the traditional female dress worn at Oktoberfest?
  4. Where does the original Oktoberfest take place?
  5. How many times did Red Rum win the Grand National?
  6. How many people watch the Grand National on TV? 20 million / 100 million/ 600 million
  7. What colour is the flag used by the starter to bring the horses into line for a race?
  8. Name the first female jockey to ride in the Grand National in 1977?



8. Charlotte Brew, 7. White, 6. 600 million, 5. 3 times , 4. Munich, Germany, 3. A Dirndl, 2. Leather Breaches 1. Bratwurst


The day was in full swing, last minute scramblings to place bets, gamblers checking their winnings and the cry of delight or despair filtered throughout the racecourse and punters who left the course either ‘up’ or ‘down’, would still look forward to the upcoming racing season.


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