Last week saw PrettyGreen announce the endorsement between Under Armour and Spurs legend captain Michael Dawson.

After Michael’s four-month lay-off with injury PrettyGreen were keen to ensure the timings of the announcement reflected the football media’s hunger to speak to him.  A combination of strategy and luck saw the announcement happen just as Spurs were hitting the headlines for their amazing form and with Michael getting back to full fitness.


This led to a great media turnout with some of the most high profile football correspondents attending.  To have the two leading football shows – BBC Football Focus & Sky Sports Soccer Saturday attend was a real coup and both are great platforms to showcase Michael in his new Under Armour apparel.  Other interviews set up for Michael included ESPN, Daily Mirror, Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Express.

Although it was an extremely busy day of media interviews and photography in a limited amount of time, Michael was on great form and showed himself to be a model spokesperson for the brand. Everyone left happy and excited about Michael and Spurs shaking up the Premier League hierarchy this season.


What’s great is as Agency folk we’re forever asking ‘talent’ to do something, it’s great when they want (crave) something and are desperate for us to help for a change (Nando’s).

Look out for big Daws in his UA Hydrastrke II boots this Sunday in the top of the table clash between Man City and Spurs this Sunday.