Content Is King

As inspiring speakers go, we were spoiled for choice last night as we attended a brilliant event hosted by our client at Google HQ; Content Is King by Movember Sessions.

Movember Sessions: Content Is King

Movember Sessions: Content Is King

Boasting a line up including a host of content wizards, we were indulged by talks from Maker Studios, Rockabox Studios, The Mill and David Levin… all on a panel led by our very own Strings.

The concept was simple. Four creative professionals talking about content. How it has evolved, how and why people engage with it and how this new era is dictating the future of creative industries.

We could spend hours writing about all the thought-provoking discussions that came out of the session, but in the respect of our dear readers’ time on a Friday afternoon, here’s a bite sized list of what we took away from the event:

    1. Authenticity is key

      This was a big part of every speakers’ talk and we couldn’t agree more. In a world where social channels lay everything bare and social content is more competitive than ever, transparency and authenticity to your brand’s values are of the utmost importance.  Once you know who you are, and you understand the values of your audience, your content can be created for them, not pushed at them.

      What it proves? This inclusive approach to content is where we’re headed. The Vloggers know it and are working their assets (themselves… their authentic, transparent selves) and so should we.

        2. Be storytellers

          Content production (on whatever medium) is in essence the process behind telling a story. Brands need to tell their stories in a way that genuinely captivates their audiences attention and they need to hire talent and agencies that fundamentally understand this.

          What this proves: Firstly that the importance of storytelling to each panel member, and their subsequent success, proves that telling great stories works. Secondly, that without understanding your audience’s behaviour, and determining what you want them to feel, think and ultimately do with the content afterwards, you are on the way to wasting a LOT of money.

            3. David Levin is a Twitter mastermind.

              His CV boasts some of our favourite Twitter shenanigans, starting with the @the_dolphin_pub and moving on to the feeds for @bbcapprentice and @guardian_SM.

              His talent for reactive responses to current affairs means he is the go to man for consulting and producing authentic, engaging and responsive content for brands on Twitter… no mean feat.

              What it proves? Know your audience, given them something great, fast.

              4. The Mill have the best showreel we have seen in a while.

              Seriously, this blew us away.

              What it proves: The Mill are really, quite literally nailing it. Emotive, enchanting and boasting a killer sound track it shows you don’t need a PowerPoint to explain why your brand is worth hiring…

              The Mill VFX Showreel 2013 from The Mill on Vimeo.

              A great event, for a great cause. Thanks Movember!

              If you haven’t donated to Movember yet, get going! We’ve even got our own page going for all the Mo Bros at PG HQ > CLICK HERE TO DONATE