Consumers Ditching New Year’s Resolutions In Favour of Micro-Resolutions

After the gluttony of Christmas there is always the New Year health kick, where we all set resolutions and promise ourselves we will finally make that big change we’ve been feeling guilty about all year – like quitting smoking, eating a better diet or sorting out our exercise plan. Or is there…?


New research by PR Agency PrettyGreen shows that, whilst there is a significant wellness drive from consumers immediately following the gluttony of Christmas, in actual fact the majority of people resolve to improve their health over 12 times a year and, whilst January is an established moment, only a quarter of people buy into big seasonal resolutions. This means brands could therefore create better stand out and be more relevant if they delayed their messaging and had more holistic health conversations tailored around the Micro Resolution trend.


In 2018 an estimated 14.5m (29%) adults will make a resolution to lose weight and around 9.5m (19%) will resolve to improve their fitness. However, previous research has highlighted that the majority of New Year’s Resolutions are ditched before the end of January, which is perhaps why online conversations around resolutions are so overwhelmingly doubtful.


And when taking a wider look at health and fitness goals, it is clear that the New Year period is more of a spike in a bigger trend towards wellbeing than the overwhelming key moment it has always been treated as.


Google searches reveal that topics like ‘healthy eating’, for example, sees high volumes throughout the year and specific trends in dieting, e.g. clean eating and sugar free do not experience a peak on 1st Jan. These patterns mirror a shift in consumer habits from a big moment of reinvention to year-round, realistic micro goals.


Lucy Porter, PrettyGreen’s Head of Planning & Innovation said: “Resolutions are as much part of the New Year conversation as champagne but, rather than jumping onto the bandwagon, our research indicates that Brands could be of far more value to Consumers if they thought in terms of a calendar of ‘resolution moments’ – Micro-Resolutions throughout the year where they support personal health and fitness plans, ditching the rhetoric of ‘New Year, New You’.


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