Cirencester shows Tough Mudder who's boss


The dirty gates thrust open once again, this weekend it was Cirencester’s turn to prove their worth as Tough Mudder invaded the South West – and, like their comrades before, absolutely smashed it.

Thousands more challengers took on the travelling muddy beast once again, as we continued to add to our huge running tally of those finishers with more willpower than you can shake a stick at. What’s more, after 12 miles of dives, plunges, pushes and pull-ups, our trusty warriors looked as fresh faced as they begun as, one by one, the course was defeated. Clearly, they needed to be truly tested.

Luckily, Under Armour were on hand with their I Will Challenge to take those smiles off those faces – and this time around the going was quite as easy. Hundreds of participants, two battle hardened winners, one fantastic event. Next up, North West. Cheshire, mud up – we’re coming for you.