Christmas Telly Heaven

Here at PrettyGreen, we love a bit of telly and no one is more excited than us at the first sight of a festive TV advert… it means Christmas is coming and we can eat (too much) drink (too much) and be even more merry (as well as find out who is Kat is having the affair with in the Eastenders Christmas Day special).

Here are a few of the festive ads that have sparked conversation over the water cooler this week…

John Lewis: The Journey

They have only gone and done it again, tugged at our heartstrings with a (believable) love affair between 2 snowmen and a much-improved version of Jennifer Rush Power of Love. The tear jerking “Journey” follows the search of a lovely kind Snowman across river, mountain and city in search of the perfect Christmas present for his Mrs.

The advert has already had over a million hits on YouTube.  Job done John Lewis. Cant wait for next year.

Coca Cola: Holidays Are Coming

Got to be in there.  First sniff of a Red lorry and we start on our Christmas lists….la la la Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming…

Barclaycard Toys

A man shopping for Toys and a monkey called Mr B…sigh…we wish that toys really did come alive.

To support the Toy Story inspired yuletide offering, Barclaycard has also built a free iPhone App featuring Mr B and his friends Chomp the dinosaur and Mike the robot, which uses skin tracking technology to come to life in the player’s hand! Whizzy!


We love this collection of wry smile ads… playing on the more “real” side of the British Christmas with the soundtrack of totally non-Christmassy songs.  Our favourite is I Predict a Riot.  Very apt after a few sherries and a game of Pictionary.

Asda.  Behind every great Christmas there is a mum

Behind every great Christmas there is a mum.  Asda have got a bit of slack on this one…1000 complaints from annoyed Mums no less!  Well, there are a lot of ladies in the PrettyGreen office and its pretty realistic of our Christmas days! (and our mums!  Not saying its right, but its true).