Change is Good

The World’s changing, hopefully for the better (we’ll have to wait and see), and through every disaster and turmoil they’ll always be a glimmer of hope and some feel good stories that you hear or read.

Every Client and Agency we know is restructuring, looking for efficiencies and hoping that they can ride out the storm. What we’re seeing though is a real resilient spirit emerging and people are seeing that there are still opportunities to do great work, and for that they new Agencies.

It was great to read last week in Campaign of Iris’ continued expansion and growth. We can’t think of another Agency that’s started BTL, became Integrated, and remained independent and continued to grow at this phenomenal rate (apparently over 500 strong now). They’re probably the most successful Agency that’s launched in the past few years.

We’ve got different ambitions and objectives, but we’ve got respect for their success and continued ambitions during difficult times and it shows that great Agencies can still be built from scratch (and believe it or not we actually quite liked it when they parked their recruitment van outside Agencies to try and tempt staff to join the competition, it shows that you’re an Agency that they respect as they want your team)

Last week Jamie Oliver announced his expansion into the meal creation business with his new Recipease venture. Given that his team have been coming down to The Kitchen in Parsons Green to find out what we’ve been doing since we opened in July, it was no surprise when he finally announced it. From our perspective anyone, or anything that gets people creating more everyday meals, is a good thing as far as we’re concerned.

And today sees a new kid on the block at the White House, and that’s got to be a good thing. He’s probably quite nervous and not just about people putting superglue on his keyboard, trying to remember everyone’s name, and whether they want sugar in their T, more worrying has got to be his trillion dollar deficit (that’s 11 0’s), overseas conflicts and economy going through the toilet.

But as we said, change is good.