Celebrating With Christmas Spirit

blog_shotSo Strings came back from Pontarlier in France, smelling particularly fragrant last week. He smuggled back through customs what can only be described as a very large bag of cannabis, which Pete our new intern had his eye on. But it was actually the macerated herbs from the distillation.  How we would have laughed when the long hand of the law, put a gloved hand on him at customs, but luckily he brought the bag home safely.

Full production began back in October, it’s looking like finished product will be with us in early February, and what’s really exciting is that samples bottles will be with us within the month, maybe in time for Christmas.

Our secret spirit is actually a new ultra premium absinthe called La Maison Fontaine (our holding website went live yesterday). It’s made using the world’s finest Grand Absinthe, grown locally in Pontarlier and 14 other natural herbs and being developed jointly with Metropolitan Spirits, which Strings is one of the founding Directors of.

We believe that it was about time someone actually created a brand that actually did justice to this most amazing and mysterious drink.

Drink anyone?

Yes, lots (responsibly) as we’re celebrating Mandy’s birthday today and it’s our Christmas lunch tomorrow. So sorry if we’re not around, or if we answer sounding a little odd, Strings is taking a bottle of Absinthe for us to drink over lunch (he’s also threatened to take it to the Britdoc Board meeting tomorrow with Channel 4, which starts at 10am).

And yes we know our lunch is early, but Emma is off on her honeymoon next week, so we’re getting into the festive spirit before anyone else and leading the charge right up to Christmas eve.