So when Fallon said we’ve got this idea for a game of catch where we releas  GPS balls and just see who plays, we couldn’t help but go, nice idea.

So we’ve spent the last couple of months actually developing the idea, creating the balls and launching a new type of game/ social experiment.

If you gave someone a ball, would they play with it or just keep it.

For us it’s the new hybrid of social gaming. One where you’re not tied to console, but one that harnesses technology to play. The marrying and blurring of boundaries and the use of technology to drive physical and social interaction.

A couple of days in and we’d say that it’s an experiment that’s working. The balls are bouncing and the photo’s are coming in.

Have a look for yourself,

You can actually search by postcode and find a ball, see how many miles it’s travelled, how many catches have been made and if your feeling adventurous even go and chase down a ball.