Casillero del Diablo: Opening up the Devil’s Cellar for one night only for a unique screening of Friday the 13th

Take the two scariest dates on the calendar, Halloween and Friday the 13th, combine them in a film night alongside a wine with a devilish tale behind it, and you have the makings of a seriously spooky occasion.


Casillero del Diablo, the UK’s number one Chilean wine brand, hosted a free screening event of the groundbreaking ‘Friday the 13th’, a horror film that kicked off the slasher-movie genre and spawned a franchise that turned hockey masks into symbols of terror forever.


PrettyGreen worked with Casillero del Diablo to create a thematic world where the wine from the devil’s cellar met the spooky Crystal Lake Summer Camp.


CasillerodelDiablo_brandexperience_immersive_wine 05Before the impending slasher-fest, guests enjoyed the delectable Casillero del Diablo wine, as well as indulging in delicious gourmet canapes in the American classic style of blackened burgers, hot dogs and of course ice cream buns (we can’t believe that’s a thing – but LOVE it).


CasillerodelDiablo_brandexperience_immersive_wine_food 01


Those ready for their close-up stepped inside the Friday 13th summer camp set, standing amongst the woodland trees to capture the moment of their murder!


CasillerodelDiablo_brandexperience_immersive_wine 02Guests then followed the sweet smell of freshly popped popcorn into the cellar’s very own screening room to take their seat, enjoy their chosen bottle of Casillero del Diablo wine, along with all the sweet treats deserving of a cinema.


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