Campaign Underground: The anti-conference that pushes boundaries.

In an age where the choice for consumers is almost infinite and possibilities are endless, each decision is becoming more difficult to make. In a bid to understand more about consumers’ decision-making processes, PrettyGreen and Campaign will be taking a dive into the minds of unsuspecting guests at a series of Underground events.


Kicking off on the 26th April, PrettyGreen and Campaign will be creating an unforgettable experience – an anti-conference that pushes the boundaries of attendee’s emotions & sense of rationality, taking them on a sensory journey of decision making and mind trickery.

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To start, we will be daring each guest to taste delights that trip expectations of flavour & confuse the taste buds into oblivion. Alongside that, an award-winning mentalist will confuse the mind through an ‘illusion parlour’ –  a unique mind-reading experience designed to leave guests questioning the control of their decisions.


To bring everything into perspective, inspiring talks from a series of brands and behavioural experts will discuss how to make use of behavioural science and uncover what works and what doesn’t – how can we have meaningful conversations with consumers in such an ever-evolving environment?


Finally, to end the night, the guests will be given the opportunity to make the ultimate life-changing decision… one for only the bravest of the guests.


Want tickets? Too late… tickets were snapped up quickly & have now SOLD OUT. Look out for the next Campaign Underground event coming up in September…