Day 4 in the Big Cadbury House…

Sunsets over Cadbury House

It’s been an amazing few days since we opened Cadbury House and we’re beginning to understand what happens in Big Brother when the housemates seem to become totally disconnected to life outside the House.

The event team have been onsite for over 14 days now and we’ve been shipping in fresh fruit to try and prevent scurvy, but spirits remain high, even if there’s a growing competition to see who can break the world record for working the most hours on the least amount of sleep (Sian’s currently winning).

Cadbury House has now delivered joy to thousands of visitors, and we’re not sure what our favourite part is. But our Joyville workers have caused a lot of amusement, breaking the unofficial world record for hula hooping (4,507).

Cadbury Joyville Employee

Wispa Mis-spent Time Booth might be our favourite game (only because the pictures on the outside are all the Agency dressing up), or it might be the Chocolatrium (molten chocolate always wins), or it might be the giant thumb wrestle, or is it the podium where you get your picture with a chocolate medal? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we’re having a lot of fun and we’re meeting a lot of interesting people.

Amir Khan