But is it art..?

Here at PG we like to think we are all open minded and can respect creativity in many forms, however, a recent discussion on the ‘smiley’ piercing Alex is debating having threw up several, urm, eye opening ways that people are expressing themselves theses days.


How far would you go to be different? In a culture where tattoos and piercings are the norm, the question is raised as to what is next…? Well, we think we have seen the future — we witnessed the 3D tattoo, where implants are inserted into a tattoo to give an added boost to your ink, but now a German student has ‘invented’ a Braille tattoo; so the partially sighted will literally be able to read arms. Forget sandwich boards, soon people will be able to feel a tattoo for the way to the next golf sale. Eye tattoos have also come to our attention… Yeap, getting a tattoo on the eye is NOT for the faint hearted, judging by the noises made here in the office when pictures were shown, it is not for the Pretty Greener’s either!

So will brands capitalise on this? Would a company pay to have a logo etched onto a celebrity eye? Will Hello Kitty be implanted under the skins of Harajuku girls? Only time will tell, but for now, we are going to weigh up the pros and cons of that smiley and whether Strings will be getting a nose stud.