Why the men at PrettyGreen will be thinking twice before buying their next grooming product

Some brands will put their name to anything, release a million & one products, and not have much reasoning or strategy as to why they do so. This can work in terms of sales, it can work in terms of constantly having new products to market and PR, but it does make it hard for the consumer to form an affiliation with the brand.


Bull Dog Male Grooming is quite the opposite of these brands trying to have a product for everything the average human needs. They saw a gap in the market for quality male grooming products that are specifically formulated for male skin. A market that was primarily formed of brands targeting women, such as Dove and Nivea, that had select products for men with little to no scientific authenticity as a ‘male only’ product. Resultantly, in an age where male grooming is at a real high, Bull Dog found a reason to exist on shop shelves and in our bathrooms.


At PrettyGreen’s event The Clearing  we were lucky enough to hear about the ins and outs of Bull Dog from their Managing Director Ben Grace. Many people fall into lines of work or end up working on something they kind of like; this is not the case with Ben. You could really hear and see the passion he has for the products he works with and this was extremely refreshing to see. He talked us through their brand strategy and how they come to their business decisions, such as only launching what they deem relevant products, keeping the pack simple, targeting men only and how they plan to expand.


Just from a 20 minute presentation it’s evident why Bull Dog have won so many awards over a relatively short space of time of existing as a brand. The dedication to having a product that is very targeted was encouraging, and it really made us consider why men buy certain brands they have no affiliation to. It’s easy to be somewhat of a brand-whore and miss the boat on using brands such as Bull Dog who really target their audience with care. The men in the PrettyGreen office are sure to stop going by the ‘oh that’s the cheapest on the shelf’ way of buying toiletries in the future…


So next time you go shopping for anything, we urge you to think about the products you’re buying and the journey they took to get in front of your eyes. It’s worth spending that little bit more money on a brand like Bull Dog that spends a lot more time working up it’s product for you. Too many brands have lost their identity through trying to put their name to everything under the sun you can brand, and we should support the brands who stay true to their identity and take risks to do so.


Watch Ben’s full presentation below: