PrettyGreen enters the bubble

Here at PrettyGreen we’re bubbling over with excitement as we announce our latest new client – Bubbleology.

If you’ve not found it yet, you’re in for a treat…bubble tea is a fruit or milk based tea served ice cold or piping hot and filled with chewy natural tapioca balls, which are sucked up through a big fat straw. Believe us, it’s addictive.


Originally developed in Taiwan, bubble tea is transported home in a scooter so in classic PrettyGreen style, Strings brought the team a range to try. One suck on the straw later and we were hooked!

Bubbleology has Bubble Tea bars throughout London, in Soho, Notting Hill and in the Harvey Nichols store in Knightsbridge, so if you’re in the area make sure you pop in; we recommend the vanilla tea with extra boba…

The consumer team will be running the press office for Bubbleology here in the UK to boost awareness of the brand as well as helping them manage their international and local PR across the many countries where Bubbleology is based. Our trusty digital team will also be running their digital and community management.

We’ll be working closely with founder Assad Khan, who first discovered bubble tea in New York where he fell in love with the delicious flavours and launched Bubbleology in the UK with his own special twist.