Brooks Running shows us how to #runhappyathome during lockdown

During these tough times, we want to be able to tell stories that inspire us, and help lighten the mood. 

Brooks looked to their Run Happy Team, a group of inspiring runners from across Europe, each with his or her own unique story, and challenged them to #runhappyathome. A simple brief that resulted in some incredible stories.

Darlington Magalela decided to run a half marathon, but without access to his usual route, a park, or acres of land, he decided to run it in his 6.7m x 4.5m garden, completing the 13.1 miles distance in four hours and 37 minutes.

Next up was Run Happy team member James Dunn, who completed a full marathon jogging around his living room sofa 4,689 times. After not being able to run the Brighton marathon due to lockdown, James decided to bring the marathon to his living room, in his words the challenge was ‘stupidity and madness’ – but an amazing achievement in our eyes! 

We couldn’t wait to tell these stories, resulting in coverage on BBC, Oxford Mail, and Notts Local News, and see what challenges the team come up with next.

Sometimes we need to be reminded what a resilient group we are, and these stories are just an example of the amazing things we can achieve. Now, where are our running shoes…