Bringing PERi-PERi to life for Nando’s New Menu launch

Ah October! When the last light of summer fades from view. When the leaves on the trees mature into the colour of the sunset. When leaving the house in the morning re-acquaints you with your visible breath. When exposed thumbs creakily tap away on phone screens that refuse to acknowledge gloves.


Sod that lot.


October is all about Nando’s Autumn menu! Straight from the hot hot heartland of South Africa a clutch of new additions made their way into the Premier League of PERi-PERi.


Joining the elite ranks were two tantalising veggie options and the extra special Fino Pitta so tempting that it would turn the heads of the most ardent chicken thigh lover.


Just listen to this: “The Fino Pitta is an extra special Fino upgrade, as a toasted pitta is introduced to two flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, topped with grilled halloumi cheese, caramelised red onion relish, cos lettuce and wild garlic aioli mayonnaise.”




And the veggies aren’t left out of the temptation either. The Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger (packed full of the good stuff like sweet potato, butternut, red pepper, onion and edamame beans) and the Supergreen Burger (combining everything from broccoli to edamame beans to kale) do battle to win the hearts and plates of vegetarians nationwide. Vegans will also be jumping for joy when they find out that by requesting no mayo when ordering the new burgers become green lit for green minded folk.


Also, there was the small matter of two titan fan favourites colliding. PERi-Vusa (aka hottest ever sauce) and PERinaise (aka mayo of the gods) joined forces to create Vusa PERinaise. Your condiment game is about to reach heights you could only ever dream of.


Our job was to drive conversation around Nando’s new menu launch (and the wider story of PERi-PERi as ever) through a hero event with tactical features and a mass press office campaign. And boy did we get people talking!


From a press office point of view, the October New Menu was the most successful in the recorded history of Nando’s with over 50 pieces of coverage across national news outlets, lifestyle magazines and veggie media! (Not too shabby especially when the OTS clocks in at over a billion)


Ahead of the full UK launch we also held media tasting events in London and Glasgow for journalists, bloggers and Nando’s friends to try the new additions. As well as tasting the new additions, attendees also had the chance to make their own PERi-PERi sauce in a masterclass from Nando’s food team. A Nando’s first… And after chopping and mashing up the likes of garlic, lemon, and chillies, attendees got their own bespoke bottles to take their sauce home.


The events were a resounding success with over 70 attendees in London and Glasgow from a range of online, print and broadcast media. A few famous faces also made the trip because a free Nando’s is impossible to turn down. And judging by numerous social posts – a great time was had by all.


Now, what’s for lunch?