Breaking Records With Cadbury Spots v Stripes

Here at PrettyGreen, we’re a pretty competitive bunch and there’s nothing we love more than a good Guinness World Record attempt. This week we’ve taken the record setting challenge into the Paralympic arena Cadbury Spots v Stripes hosted a World Record breaking attempt for the longest sitting volleyball rally.

Cadbury Spots v Stripes is the Official Treat Provider of both the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and we’ll be taking part in International Paralympics Day on 8th September. On the day, we’ll be challenging professional sitting volleyball players from Paralympics GB to beat the world record for the longest rally. So to give them a benchmark to break, Cadbury Spots v Stripes invited Olympic partners from LOCOG, Channel 4 and Nielson to set the bar as high as possible.

Sitting volleyball

The players have been playing in a partner tournament over the past few weeks so they’ve been practicing hard, but the longest rally was a new challenge for them and it’s not as easy as you may think – the minimum number of passes required by Guinness was set at 150 which is pretty steep!

The teams took to the floor and spent 45 minutes scooting round on their bums, volleying the ball back and forth as they gave it their best shot. After a few failed efforts, and some pretty tense moments, the teams managed to set the record way past the minimum 150 passes with an impressive 224 passes within 2 minutes 33 seconds.

Now it’s over to the professionals to smash the record. It’ll be pretty embarrassing for them if they don’t so I hope they’re getting some practice in! Check back here after International Paralympics Day on 8th September to find out how they did….