Green Jersey, Yellow Jersey, Green Jersey, Yellow Jersey…. and Special K

This morning PrettyGreen’s sport team found itself in London’s Square Mile listening to British sprint cycling supremo Mark Cavendish talk about the virtues of toast vs cereal for breakfast. That’s a bit weird, we hear you say, but we were at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club so a chat about a cyclist’s breakfast dish of choice was actually quite fitting.

Aside from cereal chat (he has Special K with rice milk in case you’re interested. The boys in the music team thought it was something else), Cav also provided some interesting insights to the next month, because more so than for any other sport, London 2012 is having a huge impact on cycling, but its not for the reasons you’d expect.


The Tour de France, the biggest (and most profitable) event in the cycling calendar starts on June 30th running right through to July 22th. Then just six days later, Mark Cavendish will compete for Gold in the London 2012 Olympic Road Race.

Not forgetting the minor issue of recovery time, cyclists like Cav who normally focus on winning stages in road races through their amazing sprinting, rather than the whole race, now face a dilemma- do they continue to chase the Tour de France Green Jersey, or do they change their focus towards a training programme that’s more suited to general classification racing in order to bring home Olympic Gold in front of a home crowd this Summer?


We’ll be on the edge of our saddles watching to see if Cav can do the seemingly impossible and ride away with at least one stage in the Tour de France as well as Olympic Gold. And at least if he doesn’t he can take comfort from the fact that he’ll look good in a red swimsuit when the Special K sponsorship team come knocking.