Disneyland – The ultimate brand experience to build customer loyalty

With excitement building for London Paramount, it makes you think of the ultimate theme park franchise and how these theme parks are the ultimate brand experience, but what makes them so great? If you are yet to visit Disneyland you probably see it as an over excited, over the top tourist trap (which it slightly is) but did you know that it’s main customer base is actually LOCAL – residents that hold Annual Passes and visit several times a year, week, day!!!


The loyalty runs through forums of hardcore ‘DisneyPhile’s’ to those that visit the park once a week just to sit on the bench in Main Street and watch the people go by!

How does Disney create such loyalty? Loyalty any brand would desire to have… quite simply in three different ways that should infiltrate every brand event; the detail, how visitors feel and never breaking the fantasy!



Everything from the individual areas, rides, subsequent shops, characters and even their autographs are themed in an immersive, perfectly cheesy, yet classy way. Even the cutlery and doorknobs contain iconic Mickey ears – just incase you forgot you’re in Disney!

…Buzz Lightyear stands proud within his Toy story set greeting visitors just outside the Toy Story area complete with Buzz ride, Toy Story shop, music and themed restaurant (that serves the same as every other restaurant) – what more could an excited 3 year old fan want and parent not necessarily need. Que. themed autograph book, Buzz gloves, Buzz Lightsaber (does he even have one?!), ride photo, reusable cup and curly ‘alien’ fries all purchased in the space of 10 minutes. Once you are in you are IN


Everyone plays a starring role:

However young or old you are or feel everyone is special at Disney. All cast members from the waiters, cleaners, shop assistants, performers and characters remind you how lucky you are to be in the most magical place on Earth. It’s like you are the chosen one and should thank them for letting you be there


Precisely Perfect

The hidden seams that hold Disneyland together are protected by the many maintenance ‘characters’ that work to ensure no cracks are ever visible.

Trees that need cutting down are replaced overnight with fully-grown replacements from Disney’s nursery, staff areas are even hidden underground and characters heads are NEVER taken off in sight.

Even Snow White’s autograph would be the same in Paris as it is in Florida…Perfectly creating the sense of magic!

Can this method be applied to any brand / theme park? … Whether we like or embrace it the Disney brand is something everyone has grown up with and we are all fans in some way – loyal fans at that!